Message someone that has apple id. Wait approximately seconds then press and hold the side button again turn your iphone again. I just switched from iphone note and could not get imessage release cell phone number. Read learn how fix the imessage waiting for activation ios 9. Logout and login imessage. That means you can use your iphone. Tired imessage waiting for activation error ios ios. Turn offon imessage and restart messages. How fix imessage messages not working after. We are the hope that those solutions mentioned above are able address your plight about waiting for activation facetime. I did some internet searches and turns out that whilst imessage was waiting for activation has been sending sms messages the number step tap the apple and after that squeeze sign out. Before you can start using messages and sending texts. There are times when works perfectly. Setting imessage receive messages your iphone ipad and mac shouldnt rocket science but its not exactly the easiest thing get working properly. It should show waiting for activation. Iphone ios new features iphone messages recovery icloud apple iphone data recovery itunes iphone ios data recovery ipad. Learn more about sending and receiving text messages photos personal effects and more with the messages app your iphone ipad apple watch and mac. Although apples imessage thoughtful. We have the same apple id. How activate imessage for iphone ipad. You may need turn off imessage you are now using nonapple phone and cant get sms text messages someone sends you from iphone. What imessage waterproof iphone case apple watch. First should note that normal notification when activating imessage. Ios definitely nicely polished version apples mobile operating system but are finding out now that its out globally that its not without. Even though our guide will help you learn how activate imessage when imessage not working from our. My iphone has been verified for months but someone tried send message and they were receiving message that imessage was not set up.Turn imessage try again. Launch settings tap messages turn imessage on. Step set new device restore from backup. After signing out apple turn off wifi settings wifi toggle off wifi 6. Turning call waiting mobile phone off imessage not working heres how fix iphone ipad. Before you start fix imessage waiting for activation issue iphone running ios 9. Before starting with any the solutions below fix imesseage waiting for activation issues youll. Thats happened phone number only. Back 2015 tiny string text disabled imessage and year later 2016 5second video crashed iphones. The software will take some time recover the deleted imessages from icloud. To come apples imessage messaging app. Or reset your iphone you may run into imessage issue where waiting for. The reason for ios imessage not working difficult pinpoint may the poor internet connection the carrier wont support the message you are. And then switch imessage. Once the device restarts wait minutes then turn the imessage slider back and sign with your apple id. Iphone ios7 imessage wont activate. On iphone imessage tied your. Apple pay iphone how set and use stores. It continually states waiting for activation. Apple iphone samsung galaxy ios 8. I have imessage set with send sms switched on. This wikihow teaches you how set your. Imessage builtin service select apple devices which allows you send messages photos and videos other imessage users around the world. Join them only takes minute. To get started with imessage. Jan 2018 use imessage facetime you need activate them your iphone ipad ipod touch. At waiting for activation guess. How fix imessage not working issue your iphone apple tries let users enjoy seamless imessage experience but one thing thats. Iphone wont connect imessage. Step wait for your device restart. How activate imessage facetime wind mobile mobilicity iphone how fix facetime imessage waiting for activation. Part solutions fix imessage waiting for activation error iphone. Fix imessage waiting for activation error iphone and ipad ios ios 11. February 2013 1238 pm. Want write and send imessage its easy. Ask different question and answer site for power users apple hardware and software. Apple reveals why imessage isnt coming android..How stop the annoying repeating alerts for iphone messages. And only works with other apple devices like other ipads iphones ipod touches and macs. Imessage free substance specific device given apple ios gadgets clients which engages clients send messages wifi cell information. Solved have iphone ios 7. Even reinstalling firmware giving reset your phone does. Despite prewwdc rumors that apple planned push imessage across the android divide the company revealed this week that has some pretty good reasons how change your imessage phone number. Deregister imessage. What imessage imessage apples data messaging service that allows users iphones ipads and ipod touch running ios later send

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Thats all for how recover deleted imessages from iphone. Dec 2017 imessage app apple. Turning call waiting mobile phone off 5. A wealth new features are set come apples imessage messaging app with the next iphone update. First things first follow this guide for the initial set up. We noted that this problem occurs predominantly bit older iphones i. Try again sits awaiting activation imessage was working fine before the update. Until apple logo the screen. Can use emoticons imessage can use emoticons ios yes you can. Award for community excellence